Trogir is located in the center of Dalmatia, on the Adriatic coast. Due to its location and natural protection, its port is a favorite destination for boaters. As it is only 5 kilometers away from the Split Airport and 15 kilometers from the exit on the motorway, from where no location, no port, no island is far enough from Trogir to avoid it can be avoided. Add to that all those sunny days, here's an ideal destination for adventurous exploration of Dalmatia, a lazy vacation, an escape from the mainland and a wander around its waters.


For the city you have arrived in, its inhabitants will tell you with great pride that it is "the most beautiful in the world and its surroundings" and do not discuss it with them, because the millennial Split serene spirit that you will soon discover will convince you too! This eternally young city of about 200,000 inhabitants that give it a warm Mediterranean temperament, has lived its urban rhythm for 1700 years, with a heart in Diocletian's Palace and a soul that welcomes you with open arms and cordiality. Since then, the millennium life of the UNESCO-protected city and listed on the World Heritage List writes about the history and present of the unique metropolis of the Croatian South.

Bol on island Brač

Bol is the oldest coastal settlement in Brač. It stretches for miles along the seafront. The sea in front of it is extremely clear, the clear waves look like sanded crystals. West of Bol, Zlatni rat beach is one of the largest and most beautiful natural attractions of the Adriatic. Like the tongue, it extends nearly half a kilometer into the blue of the sea. It grows by depositing and depositing tiny pebbles around the underwater reef. The tip of the Zlatni rat changes shape, trying to please the waves and the currents of the sea.

Rafting on Cetina river

Rafting: As a combination of adventure sports and entertainment, it experienced its greatest flourishing right here in Omiš. The Cetina River and its canyon of amazing beauty provide an unforgettable experience and justify the epithet of Omiš as the best place for rafting; for beginners as well as old lovers of the sport. You don't have to run far from the sea to meet the magic of the river. Only a few kilometers from the mouth of the Cetina begins a three-hour adventure through picturesque cuttings, playful waterfalls and rapids, enjoying the clear water surrounded by green forest. The 16 km long ride ends at the beautiful excursion site "Radmanove mlinice" where you can take a break and enjoy the wonderful natural surroundings, which with its fresh air and specific relief, so different from the nearby coast, gives you an image of Omiš as a small town with great diversity. And this is exactly what Omiš is - a small town for a pleasant and active holiday.


Makarska is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Croatian coast, attractive because of its natural and climatic characteristics, diverse tourist offer and hospitable hosts. The sandy and pebble beach, which is almost 2 km long and was, and still is, recognizable today. Along the promenade lined with pine trees there are various tourist facilities, comfortable hotels, catering establishments with gastronomic specialties, and plenty of fun for children and adults.


Dubrovnik (Latin: Ragusa) is a city located on the Adriatic Sea, in southern Croatia. It is one of the most important cultural and tourist centers in the whole of Southeast Europe. It is known for its old town with numerous cultural and religious monuments. The popular name for the City under the hill Srđ is also the "pearl of the Adriatic".


Medjugorje is one of the most famous Catholic sanctuary in the world, located near the town of Čitluk, in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a population of about 4,300 and became known through the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which began to occur in 1981. Since then, one million Catholics from around the world have visited this town every year.

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